Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The best way to relax when the work is done.

I have spent my time at home this week building a new doghouse. The old one was only a shed that we used and wasn't insulated or suitable.
This one is fully insulated with shingle roof and complete with a proper dog door all inside a 20'x10' run on a concrete pad so it's easy to keep clean.
All that's required now is painting, Sue's job ;-))

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

After my delivery on Monday I took my time off I needed and also got my reload details sent to me. I reloaded for Ottawa on Tuesday and delivered there on Thursday and by Friday morning I was down in Carlisle, Pa loading for Winnipeg and by Sunday night I was back home in my own bed after a trip of 6665 miles.
Got a project at home to complete so not going back till Thursday but with it being Easter it could well be a little quiet this week.
The photos taken on the bridge were taken on "Thousand Islands Bridge" which connects Ontario and Upper New York State. The other photo is a prime example of parking in American truck stops, it took this guy 4 or 5 shunts to get it to this position where he left it for the rest of the night, glad the guy next to him didn't want to leave early.

Monday, 22 March 2010

This was taken last week on my trip down to York Pa.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sorry I have left it so long since the last posting, we have had problems with our limited bandwidth internet at home and I haven't had much luck with internet on the road.
I completed the Calgary trip and then done a quick one out to York, Pa then up to Brampton, On and back to Steinbach.
I am in the middle of a longer trip now, been out delivering new windows to two locations in Massachusetts, one at the top of a mountain. I called the customer and he suggested that he comes and meets me at the nearest town and I follow him to the location, glad he did.
After the deliveries were completed I ran down to Hazleton, Pa and switched trailers then back up to Brampton, On.
Next day I loaded in Mississauga, On with this load going to Murfreesboro, Tn. That's where I am now, sitting in a Pilot Truckstop in Murfreesboro ready to make my delivery tomorrow morning.
Need to take some time off tomorrow as I am almost out of hours, 3350 miles so far this trip and plenty of miles still to get home, if that's where they send me.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Went round to our Calgary terminal to pick up my empty trailer for loading tonight and was pleased when I seen it was one of our new ones but the down side is it is a heated load I am loading so will have the motor banging away for a couple of days. It's noisier than my 14lt night heater lol.

I got to the repair shop at 13.40 yesterday for a 14.00 appointment. I was now losing coolant at a steady drip coming from the hose in the picture I posted yesterday. I checked in at the service desk and told them what the problem was, then waited and waited and waited.
The truck was eventually pulled into the shop at 16.00 and by 17.00 they were able to tell me it was the top hose and clamp that were leaking, well done Einstein, but they didn't have any in stock.
They were able to get some ordered for that day and I finally left there at 20.30 but of course now my reload had gone.
I am spending another day in Calgary now but loading at 19.00 tonight back to Winnipeg to deliver Friday morning.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

This hasn't been one of my better trips, but still can't complain as the miles are still there when I am ready to go.
I sat most of the day yesterday in Edmonton waiting for a load after delivering in Wataskiwin, Ab and dropping the empty in Edmonton.
I got a message at 4.00pm to take an empty heater box van to Calgary. Job done I parked in the Husky that night.
I got awakened with my next load offer so I accepted and got myself out of bed to do my pre trip inspection during which I found that I had a coolant leak which must have started during the night, that's the down side of idling all night problems lay undiscovered till next morning.
After calling Andy we decided it was best to get it repaired before going any further. Four telephone calls later it is booked in this afternoon, the rest couldn't look at it till tomorrow.
Hopefully it is just the rubber hose in the bottom picture.

Monday, 1 March 2010