Sunday, 26 September 2010

Crossed Montreal 4 times in 2 days on this trip because of the order I had to do my collections in.
After my delivery Monday morning in Quebec I had 4 pick ups all going to Brooklyn Park Mn.
2 picks in Quebec and 2 in Ontario to deliver Friday morning so I had a reasonably easy few days, apart from the Montreal and Toronto traffic.
Delivered Friday morning and reloaded in Benson Mn back to Steinbach on Saturday morning.
8 days, 3988 miles with 1 trailer swap 3 drops, 6 picks, 4 border crossings and drop the loaded trailer when I got back.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Lock up your children

After dropping my trailer in Medicine Hat Sunday night I got a call Monday morning to see if I could turn around and go straight back to Laredo but unfortunately I could not get it there on time so the load was given to a team (2 drivers running 24hrs a day) to get it there.
I was sent empty to Calgary to pick up a loaded trailer going to Fort Qu' Appelle, Sk. I delivered Tuesday morning and was brought back to Steinbach empty from there.
A 12 day trip 6430 miles and a days reset on the road.
Going back to work for a rest tomorrow after I have finished my "Honey Do" list!!!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

It's hot down here today. Started this trip last Friday and went out to Medicine Hat, Ab where I switched trailers and got a load going to Laredo Tx. I dropped the trailer in Laredo as it was bound for Mexico, and so was I.
I took a trip in a cab across the border into Mexico Tuesday night, that was a real eye opener. A tank sitting at the side of the road as you enter Mexico, police and army are armed not with side arms but with automatic rifles and machine guns.
Due to the security threat we were only allowed to visit a secure area which was just a whole bunch of bars.
Tomorrow I am loading in Beaumont, Tx and that load is going back to Medicine Hat, great miles yet again.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Lies, Lies and more Lies from recruiting staff at Big Freight.
You will not earn 52c per mile, not even the 41c shown in the table. The funniest part about this sad recruitment campaign is that this was sent to an ex driver who left Big Freight because he could not get the miles or earn what they had promised him, oh by the way he was earning 36c per mile but to be fair they have had a pay rise recently. The drivers got an increase in the base pay (mileage) and lost money on the picks, drops, tarps, untarps. I have talked to some drivers who are losing money, be interested to hear from any drivers still there to give a balanced discussion.
Nice recruitment campaign don't you think lol.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Had a wonderful day at the lake last week. Sue and I got home from our trip on Wednesday and went to the lake with Jason and Jenn on Thursday. The weather was perfect, which is more than can be said for the fishing.
The water levels are still high due to the wet weather this year but we still made it through the second tunnel into Northcross lake.

Just a nice short trip to end a very good month. Only 3 nights away from home 1800 miles and discovered I have been given a raise when I got home, backdated to the beginning of the month.
Thank you Andy & Donna.

Had a brilliant trip with Sue. We covered over 5700 miles and ran as far as east coast USA to Calgary Having a reset in Fargo along the way. We were even able to run all the way to Virginia with Neal from Flying Eagle. Who would believe that Neal and I were delivering within 30 mile of each other and Bryn was in the same area the very next day, couldn't have planned that if we had wanted to.