Thursday, 23 October 2008

For those that have been asking here is a couple of pics of my current chariot.
I have spent the last two weeks running together with Neil who used to work at Big Freight at the same time I did, see April 23rd - 29th 2008. It has been great to catch up again. When I first talked to Wayne, my boss, I didn't realise Neil worked here and as there are only 6 of us the chances that I knew someone were very slim.
Anyway as I can't tip till Monday, well I could tip but there is no reload till Monday, it is another long weekend for me and I will leave again Sunday evening.

Friday, 17 October 2008

17th October 2008

New job has started off well, with more miles in my first 3 days than I had got in a full week at Hytek. The work is very similar but just going further with deliveries and pick ups. I am driving a 2007 Western Star pulling a 2004 Wilson, hopper bottom trailer. The truck is limited to 68 mph on the cruise and 72 mph on the pedal. I also collected my first pay cheque this week which was a little encouraging, difficult to tell how it Will work out as I started in the middle of the week and in the middle of a pay period but the miles have been good so far.
The same week I left Hytek there were also another 2 drivers left and 1 that went off sick, don't think he will be going back either. Not bad for a company with only 8 grain trucks, 50% of their drivers gone in 1 week!!
Jason and I were putting my boat in storage last weekend and had a bit of a disagreement, look what happened to my eye. Ok my disagreement wasn't with Jason but with a boat that decided it didn't want to climb a ridge on the floor in the barn and bounced back. The winch then decided it didn't want to stay still either and unwound at warp speed and caught me on the head and eye. I had to spend the rest of Saturday lying down with ice packs and pain killers.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

7th October 2008

The last few weeks have been a little tough at work and the last couple in particular. Schedules with long hours and little miles and schedules that couldn't even be completed legally. A decision had to be made, we were getting no support from any of the staff, dispatch wasn't interested they needed the job done, management wasn't interested they had other drivers already doing it. So being my usual self I had to make a stand, if the last load of the day couldn't be completed legally or in a reasonable time it wasn't getting done. This meant some decent finish times and on a couple of occasions being done for 2 or 3 o'clock, lovely. On Friday I got a text, YES A TEXT, telling me I had to report to my manager once I was empty, I asked if there was a problem, "Its about your performance", again by text!!!
So my performance wasn't what they were expecting, in fact my performance was being compared to that of two of the worst offenders, when it comes to breaking the law.
The end result was that I parked my truck on Friday afternoon, emptied all my stuff out of it and walked away.
I went to Jason's house made a couple of phone calls, picked up a couple of application forms and arranged an interview for the next day.
I start my new job this week, very similar work, will keep you posted.
There is an epilogue to this but I need to get the permission of other people before posting.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

October 1st 2008


The blog seems to be full of congratulations recently. This time it is for Gary who passed his written tests for his class 5 driving licence today. He has already booked his first lesson and bought the slip to book his practical test. Well done Gaz!!!