Sunday, 30 September 2007

30th September 2007

Left home on Tuesday at 11.00 with 20 ATV's and snowmobiles, 3 drops in Alberta, 2 east of Edmonton and 1 in Grande Prairie. Got 2 off on Wednesday and up to Grande prairie ready for first thing Thursday morning. Already had my reload sent to me, 45000lbs of lumber to Topeka, Kansas. Tipped and reloaded by 1400 Thursday.
Arrived at Topeka 1300 Sunday ready to tip. Got my reload from Blue Rapids, Kansas to Winnipeg so should manage a night at home on Tuesday.

Monday, 24 September 2007

24th September 2007

Went to Adrian's and Carla's fire on Saturday night (next door but one). This happens on a regular basis here, neighbours decide to have a fire in their fire pit and invite everyone. Its a great way to get to know your neighbours. Went back to their house on Sunday for a bbq, great cooking by Adrian.

Rang Chad this morning and he said he would phone me if anything came in for today but it could possibly be tomorrow.

Sue painted Craig's room grey and cream, beats the pink and lime green it was painted.

Thunder storm last night that left us without electricity for 3 hours, that's when Adrian decided to light another fire. When the electric goes off we are also left without water because the pump that draws the water from the well is electric but at least we have a gas fire if it happens in winter.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

19th September 2007

Got tipped nice and early Wednesday morning and the satellite message said to head to Fargo ND while they try and sort a reload. Got to Fargo for 11.30 and was sent another message to just run home empty, no loads. Got back to Steinbach for 16.00 and off now till Monday.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

18th September 2007

Got tipped in Nisku, Ab at 07.30 Monday and loaded at Blue Ridge, Ab (above) by 13.00 and started heading back towards Saskatchewan. Made Saskatoon by Monday night and Moose Jaw for breakfast on Tuesday. The second photo is Hwy 2 between Chamberlain and Moose Jaw, Sk.
We had crossed the border by 14.00 Tuesday and this was Gary's first time in the States so had to get his visa.
We will be tipping first thing Wednesday morning and will then speak to Chad for a reload back to Mb and a few days off.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

15th September 2007

Got loaded, left Houston at 12.00 Wednesday and arrived back at BFS at 10.30 Friday morning, a journey of 2800km. Still loaded for Nisku Ab so will be leaving again Saturday afternoon but I already have my reload assigned, lumber from Ab to Edgeley, North Dakota. Gary is coming with me on this trip and I will be having a couple of days off when I get back.

Hopefully I should be able to get some decent photos to post now that I have a passenger to take them.

Temperatures have started to drop in Mb now, came home from Texas where I was melting in the heat to find it was only 6 degrees during the day and -3 at night, time for the fire. Also got wireless in the house now.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

11th September 2007

Got tipped Monday morning in a torrential downpour, the pic was taken only two minutes after the rain started. I was then sent down to Houston to reload Tuesday morning for Nisku, Ab via home for a couple of days but things not going my way. Arrived at the shippers 0730 Tuesday but it is a bonded load (something to do with customs clearance) and paperwork will not be ready till Wednesday morning so back to The Flying J for another day chilling out.
The other pic was taken driving on I35 going through Dallas.

Saturday, 8 September 2007

8th September 2007

A nice journey down to Dallas, Texas. Arrived Saturday 16.30 and by 20.00 had showered, done my laundry and had my tea. I have covered 8734km since leaving on Wednesday 29th August and that is with a couple of days off, day off again tomorrow, cant tip till Monday morning so just chilling out and hoping to speak to my family again as I have internet access.
The pic is I15 in Montana.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

5th September 2007

Thought I would post again today before I hit the road tomorrow, not sure when I will be able to make the next posting.
Today was a good day, managed to get an internet connection and caught up with my emails and updated this blog twice in one day, spoke to most of my family either on skype or msn which was great. Sue and the boys are settling in really well, when they are at home that is!!! The neighbours have been fantastic and have helped us settle right in. We have an internet connection at home now too so Sue and the boys will be able to catch up with their friends back home.
The pics above are Sue on skype (oh oh I am in trouble for that one) and the load of lumber going south with me tomorrow.

5th September 2007

The scenery passing through Montanna on the way back to Alberta Canada was breathtaking, proper cowboy country. Got to Calgary at 09.30 on Monday after passing through 3 time zones from Indiana. Now time to get laundry done and chill out till Tuesday.
Tipped at 08.00 and got a reload from Crossfield AB, about 45 minutes away. 46000lbs of lumber (timber to you and me) to go to Plano, Texas for Monday 10th September.
Loaded without any problem and faxed all the paperwork to the customs broker. Crossed the border again at 19.30 and parked in Great Falls MT at 21.00 Tuesday night. That's me now till Thursday morning, need to take 36 hours off to reset the clock then its off to Texas, should be there Saturday night.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

2nd September 2007

Made it down to Madison, Indiana by Thursday night and tipped first thing Friday, up to Bloomington, Indiana and loaded the two blocks of stone in the picture to tip Calgary, Alberta Tuesday morning. Another trip of just over 2000 miles, should be there on Monday morning but it is a holiday on Monday in North America, gives me a chance to do some laundry.
The top picture is a truckstop in Seymour, Indiana. The yellow pipes going into the truck window is called Idleair,;jsessionid=1BD603A607BE8CFD43A4505327A11768
it supplies air con or heating to the truck and cable tv and internet, beats running your engine all night as most here do and all for $10 and no parking fees in North America.

28th August 2007

The family have been here a week now and in that week we have almost completely furnished the house, only one night on the airbeds. The picture above is a humming bird feeding on the feeder hanging outside our back door.
Going back to work on Wednesday, got a load down to Madison, Indiana (about 1200 miles) to tip Friday.