Thursday, 21 January 2010

Got home at last. The trip was full of incidents, over 10.000 miles and 22 days on the road.
I last posted from Oklahoma, from there I went to Brampton then Listowell, On to Hazleton, Pa and back to Brampton then picked up a loaded trailer going to Memphis, Tn.
On Thursday 14th I noticed a strange vibration coming from the drive train somewhere, called Andy and between us we looked at a couple of things that we thought it could be. While doing this I had dropped the trailer. To pull the pin on these trucks you need a long handle with a hook on the end, a 5th wheel puller, to reach in and pull the handle.
We got the truck booked in to a dealers only 30 mile from where I was but with the delivery booked in Memphis next morning I was now under a bit of pressure. With all my rushing around I hooked back up to my trailer and set off to Bowling Green, Kentucky where the mechanics would be waiting. I drove out of the rest area but had left the 5th wheel puller on the cat walk which in turn bounced off and hit the truck passing me causing the damage seen in the pictures above. Andy was very understanding, as was the other driver, even although it was totally my fault.
Once in the shop it was discovered I needed a new universal joint on the drive shaft, a nice quick job.
24hrs later I was leaving with a rescheduled delivery for Saturday morning and a reload in Big Spring, Texas Monday morning going to Medicine Hat, Alberta. From there I eventually got a load back to Steinbach!
The bottom picture is a cotton field in south west Texas.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

These photos and the ones below are of my trip to California, I will post a map once the trip is completed. I am sitting in Edmond, Oklahoma now resetting my hours so cant leave again until Friday morning so let me tell you a true story.........Its all over facebook and my friends have been giving me loads of stick so here goes......
My second night away from home, Friday, new years day found me stopping fairly early because of bad weather, roads were pure hard packed snow and ice. I made it as far as Dubois, Idaho, a small and friendly truckstop. There was no full restaurant so it was bread sticks and pizza for tea.
I set the alarm and had a great nights sleep. Alarm went off, up I got, went inside for the usual things in the morning, you know coffee and stuff, it was snowing heavy and windy too. Got my coffee and went back to the truck to do my pre trip checks, all ok, start engine and let it warm up, quick close the door its cold!!! Truck warmed up and off I go, about 3 hours later I need to make a stop, must have been the coffee, so into a rest area. Now as some of you know I don't wear shoes inside the truck, it helps to keep it clean, these are kept by the door at the side of my seat. So I reach down for my shoes aarrgghh, they have gone!!!! A quick look around and I remember taking them off on the step as I got in the truck, as I usually do, but with the snow and wind and rushing to close the door I had left them sitting on the step. Quick, open the door and check, no they have gone. So what do I do now? I have a pair of safety shoes in the locker outside, its still snowing and windy and I have to wear my flip flops to get out and find my safety shoes, got them, now my feet are wet and cold and I am missing a pair of adidas trainers left 180 mile away.
Could have been worse, no safety shoes and only flip flops would not be good in that weather.
The only thing I done wrong was telling Sue, because now everyone knows.
A few pics of my latest trip

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Had a great Christmas at home but it did mean that I would probably be away for New Year, and I was, but at least I got a decent trip out of it.
It was Thursday morning before my load was ready and I had to pick it up in Winnipeg but it was going to Merced, California for delivery Monday 4th. Even better is the reload that is planned for me, San Fernando Ca to Brampton On. That will be 5000 miles by the time I get to Brampton and I wont get there till Saturday if I load Monday.
It is nice to get out of the ice and snow for a while. Temperatures were at -39c Saturday at home and today I am walking around The Flying J in Ripon Ca in my T shirt.
Think the DOT are out to make some revenue this week too, I have had a level 3 inspection at Joliet ND and a level 1 inspection at Truckee Ca and those are the first inspections since joining Penners.