Friday, 28 August 2009

Why is it that my home time always goes much faster than any other time? Sue, Craig, Jacey and I all went to the stock car racing last night and, although it was very dust with the breeze blowing the dust directly at us, we had a great night.
Thinking of cutting more wood today. I am cutting the wood from around our own land right now, taking away some dead and damaged trees before we move into the provincial forests and start cutting the trees there.
Will call work later to see if anything is planned for tomorrow.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I am going to be pretty busy when I get home so thought I would get everything up to date now.

This week there was a dead bear on the highway at the end of our drive, looks like it had been hit by a vehicle. The next day the dogs were in the bush barking and going mad, they came back and sat on the porch and it was then that Sue saw why, they had found another bear, this time alive, and obviously scared it had climbed a tree to get away from them. Once everything had quietened down again the bear sloped off into the bush. Craig also seen a deer in our drive one morning when leaving for work.

Sue also got me a permit today to allow me to cut down trees for firewood, so I got the permit, got the chainsaw, got the axe, got the checked shirt just got to get the rest of the gear (watch the video).

Saturday, 22 August 2009

No back seat drivers here.
Back up in Ontario tonight and will drop my loaded trailer tomorrow and pick up an empty. That will be loading Monday morning in Brantford, On and will deliver in Winnipeg Thursday so on my way home again!!!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Had a nice relaxing couple of days at home and left again on Wednesday morning bound for Memphis, Tn. Tonight I am parked in the Flying J in West Memphis, Ar and will make my delivery tomorrow morning.
Once empty I am reloading back up to Bramalea, On.
Good miles again.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Been getting some decent miles since starting at Penners and really hope that I am not speaking too soon but things have been going pretty good.
Left last Sunday to run an empty up to Pine Falls Mb, switch for a loaded one and deliver Brampton, On Wednesday at 4.00am. I then loaded that one in Scarborough for a delivery in South Dakota on Monday which would mean 3 days layover so they got me to drop that in our Brampton terminal pick up an empty and go load that in Listowel for delivery to Hazleton, Pa the next day. I again switched trailers there and took the loaded one back to Brampton and on Friday morning switched again with a trailer loaded with two deliveries in Winnipeg on Sunday.
All completed and back home Sunday lunch time, 7400 miles this month and it`s only the 16th.
Maybe I should be looking for a load south if it doesn`t warm up here. It has been so wet that everything was starting to feel damp so we lit the fire for a bit!!

Friday, 7 August 2009

Left you on Sunday in New Jersey and since then I have delivered and run empty to Ontario where I loaded Tuesday ran to Minneapolis, Mn where I then delivered, reloaded, delivered Winnipeg, Mb and got home 9.30am Friday morning after meeting up with Bryn on Thursday night.
We have seen quite a few snakes around the yard since moving out into the country but this common garter snake is the first we have managed to photograph, they usually don't hang around long enough. They are non poisonous but can bite if cornered or threatened.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Had a great run down to New Jersey and I am parked up just across the state line in Bloomsbury ready for the mad dash in the morning. Will probably start about 4.30 in the morning to make a 7.00am delivery 53km away just to miss the New York traffic.
Once I am empty I have to make my way to Brampton, Ontario empty, another nice 480 miles on top of the 1640 miles already done to get to my delivery.
Not sure whats happening once I get there.