Sunday, 24 October 2010

Finally left on Friday with a load from Winnipeg to Frederick, Oklahoma for delivery on Monday. Got my reload message on Sunday, a loaded trailer in Lawton, Oklahoma to go to Medicine Hat, Alberta.
After dropping my trailer in Medicine Hat I had to take an empty from there to Calgary and next day a load from Calgary to Saskatoon and then home from there empty. 4100 miles and gone for a week.
Lots of cotton in the fields waiting for harvesting down in Texas and Oklahoma.
I think I should sell my guns and take up hunting with the truck, I have more luck. Got a nice grouse this week that wanted a ride to Canada, stayed on my windscreen for about 10 miles.
Went to see Mike Blair in Lockport last night, /
Met Mike when we moved house last year and have kept in touch with him, we like his music and the show that the band put on, some good live music if you like country.
A little quadding today with Jason and Jenn then work again tomorrow.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

My 1 day at home has stretched out a bit. The "small" jobs on the truck turned into big ones. We discovered the turbo had gone and had to be replaced. Truck is now ready to go all I need is a load now, be leaving this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Back at home now but only for today. A couple of jobs getting done on the truck before I leave again tomorrow morning.
My family have booked flights to come and visit us next year, all 10 of them staying with us in our house, can't wait it will be a great time.

Monday, 4 October 2010

I eventually got to Las Vegas!!! I don't gamble but it is still one place that I always wanted to go and see and this trip to Los Angeles got me there. In fact it got me there early Saturday afternoon and I wasn't due in Los Angeles till Monday morning, about 5 hours away.
I walked up and down "The Strip", in and out the casino's till my feet and legs ached.
It is an amazing place and well worth a visit just to see the size of these hotels. It is very easy to get lost in them, one often leads to another without going back out onto the street and there are many entrances/exits. I did have to go back out onto the street at one point just to get my bearings again.
It was back to work late Sunday morning and a trip into LA, only about 9 mile south of Hollywood and Beverly Hills and almost right on the seafront at Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica Beach.
I didn't really see anything as I passed after unloading, it was misty and raining, typical after recording record temperatures last week.