Wednesday, 27 February 2008

27th February 2008

A "Before and after" shot above.
After tipping the lumber in Nebraska we were sent to Valley, Nebraska to load irrigation equipment which will look like the above when assembled. Had a good run home and got back to Steinbach Wednesday afternoon.
I booked our medicals when I got home, 12th March for the medical and 13th March for the x-rays and blood tests. Gary still hasn't received his request yet but the Doctor said to bring him along if we get it before we go for ours.
At home for a few days now, going back on Sunday.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

23rd February 2008

Loaded a full load of lumber Friday morning and had to get it moved to make my axle weights good. Made it to Great Falls, Montana Friday night. Only had 12 hours left that I could work on Saturday so made it to Cheyenne, Wyoming by Saturday night for a 36 hour reset.
Sue is still thoroughly enjoying her trip, taking in the sights, the wildlife and lots of photos.
Sue, Craig and I got our requests for medicals from Canadian immigraion on Friday. We are hoping that Gary's will arrive this week and we can book them all at the same time.

21st February 2008

Sue and I left again on Wednesday and celebrated my birthday that night in "The Husky" at Swift Current, Saskatchewan. We delivered the tractors Thursday afternoon and already had a reload of lumber from Sundre, Alberta going to Sutton, Nebraska loading at 06.30 Friday morning.

18th February 2008

Left Sunday morning and had a cold, snowy trip across Wisconsin after delivering Monday morning. Got our reload details Monday afternoon, 3 tractors from Brooklyn Park, Minnesota to go to Red Deer, Alberta. Met Phil at Rogers Tuesday morning to give him my tarps, he had handed is back as he is going on vans but got a reload that needed tarping.
Sue is enjoying her trip and we will make it home Tuesday night for another night.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

15th February 2008

Went back to work on Tuesday to take a load of galvenised steel from the yard to Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. The load will be in the yard around 08.00 Tuesday morning, and it was, but the load had shifted on the trailer. The driver that brought it from Ontario was lucky he didn't lose the full load. Anyway it took all day to sort it out so another night at home and back in to tarp it in the morning
Eventually got it tarped and left Wednesday about 10.00 and had my reload details before I had even got out of Manitoba.
Tipped Thursday morning, into Edmonton to swap trailers, loaded lumber for Appleton, Wisconsin to tip Monday.
Got back to Steinbach Friday afternoon and home again for another couple of nights. I got Adrian to add Sue to the manifest and she is going to come with me for her first trip to USA.
The top pic is the load I am taking to Wisconsin and the other pic was taken in -39c temperatures in Saskatchewan.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

7th February 2008

Tipped my first delivery on Thursday and spent a couple of hours taking tarps and straps off and then back on, aching all over now, and ran up to Edmonton for the night. Got a cracked windshield when a truck going in the opposite direction flicked up a brick, aiming straight at my head too. Truck booked into shop Monday for replacement screen so I will tip the remainder of this load tomorrow morning, reload lumber from Glaslyn, Saskatchewan to tip Neepawa, Manitoba on Saturday then home for a couple of days.

Had some more bad news when Gary's Immigration application got returned yet again. The reason this time? Because he does not currently reside in Canada he needs to apply to the London Office!!!!!! Even though copies of his work permit and passport with Canadian stamp in it were sent with his application. Oh and they couldn't match his application with ours as they had never received ours, even though it was all sent together in the same envelope.

Again Eric and Christine from BFS sorted it, they emailed Immigration at Buffalo, NY who eventually found our application, found out all the facts from Eric and will look at all our applications asap, fingers crossed this time.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

6th February 2008

Went a couple of hours up the road on Monday then left again early Tuesday to load as early as I could. Hwy 85 heading north through Wyoming and South Dakota had some amazing sights.
I arrived at the shippers at 09.20 and spent most of the day loading, strapping, tarping and sliding fifth wheels and axles to get my weights right. Managed it in the end but lost a lot of time. Also discovered that I had two deliveries, Linden Alberta on Thursday and Streamstown Alberta on Friday.

4th February 2008

Had my 36 hours off after a few problems with the weight on the trailer I picked up in Calgary. Parked in "The Flying J" for my reset and met up with "Bob the Dog" and "Piggy" Saturday night.
Left on Sunday and took my favourite route through Montana and Wyoming and into Colorado Monday afternoon. Tipped on Monday and got my reload from Whitewood South Dakota, loading on Tuesday.