Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Saturday, 22 May 2010

Got this award from my company. Click on it to enlarge so you can read it.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I am home in the "Automobile City" once again. I left home Sunday morning and got home at 9.30 Wednesday morning and covered 2816 miles.
Got to speak to my Mum & Dad on skype this morning too so it's been a good week.
Going back out Friday so not much time to play with my toys in this fantastic weather, 30c today. Fishing season has started too so getting the boat out tomorrow to run the engine and check it over.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Got a trailer for my atv this week, it has the ramp at the rear and a fold down front section for longer quads or snow mobiles. It's a real nice trailer and tows really well when loaded.

I think the car in the bottom pic is one of of the ugliest cars I have ever seen!!!
This trip was 10 days and 4540 miles. I have seen lots of comments on facebook and other blogs recently about drivers unable to do the job legally or unable to earn decent money running legal log books, all I can say to that is you are the one with the keys and you are the one responsible, I earn a good living running 100% legal so don't come on to me with "It's the Canadian way". NO IT"S NOT, it is your choice.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

If you follow this blog you will know how happy I have been during the last 12 month in this job. The economy is slowly turning the corner and improving, although it has never affected me or the miles I get. This has provided an opportunity for Andy, my boss, to increase his fleet and buy more trucks.
The trucks will be leased onto the same company that I am pulling for and the work will be exactly the same that I have been doing during the last year, check the previous postings it's all here warts and all.
Drivers need to have a minimum 2 years OTR experience, a "FAST" card or be eligible to apply for one, have a passport and be able to cross into USA. These are Penner International requirements and they will check before employment. The driver should also be honest, trustworthy, hardworking and reliable.
It has been a great year for me working with great people.
Leave a comment or email me if interested and I will put you in touch with Andy.

I know I told everyone I was waiting till next year but here it is, my new toy. It's a 2009 Polaris Sportsman 800 EFI x2 with 0 Mile on the clock (well 55 now after being out with Jason & Jenn, Chris & Sally).
Out again today on it with Bryn & Majka, Sue has so much fun on it even though she can't reach the footrests and gets thrown around like a rag doll, will get some blocks of wood for her lol.

What a great way to finish a fantastic month with a nice 3000 mile 5 day trip. Another 3 days at home and leave Monday to start all over again.