Friday, 28 October 2011

Craig sighting in his rifle.
Gary, Craig and I went and sighted in our rifles today ready for deer hunting season which opens in just over 2 weeks.
3137 Miles, 5 days

It's a dogs life.

A Spyder

Winter on its way.

143 Scania

V8 500

A proper truck

Home sweet home once again. I got to see this beautiful 143 in Ontario on the way home Tuesday morning.
The 143 I drove across Europe was by far the best truck I have ever driven, was really sorry to see that go.
Was talking to the driver of the truck and he runs 4 of them.
I had asked to get home before Tuesday as I had bought tickets to see Roger Daltrey in Winnipeg but didn't need to bother, he has cancelled the shows in Saskatoon and Winnipeg, nice one Roger!!!
No need to stay at home then so back to work tomorrow. All the wood has been cut now, got some help today from Neal to finish it off.

Friday, 21 October 2011

6531 miles, 11 days

The snow capped Rockies.

Bad time for my air con to give up.

My tour of  the western States and Provinces started out with a delivery south of Portland Oregon on the Tuesday morning so leaving on Saturday gave me plenty of time. An uneventful trip across the mountains seen me at my delivery Monday early evening and by late afternoon I was reloaded in Kent, Washington and on my way to Calgary.
A different route across The Rockies this time seen me dropping my trailer in Calgary Wednesday evening and with no reload yet it was time to have a break and reset my hours.
Leaving early Friday morning I was on my way to Medicine hat with an empty to switch trailers and deliver in Lawton, Oklahoma Monday morning.
I arrived in Lawton Sunday evening and as I already had my reload details thought I would try my hand and get unloaded worked, so on my way to Houston, Texas to load Monday morning.
Just before noon I was at the plant in Houston loading and left at 3pm with a load going back to Medicine Hat.
After a chat with dispatch about my available hours it was decided I should just bring it back to Steinbach so back home again by Wednesday evening for a couple of days off.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

3433 miles, 6 days

The bush fire near Pansy.
Sorry I didn't get this blog up to date last time I was home but we were put on stand by for evacuation due to a bush fire that was out of control.
If you look at the map of the fire we live close to where the bend is on Hwy 12 and Craig lives near where Hwy 12 meets the road marked in red running North-South.
Craig and Jacey decided to leave home and stay with family as everyone else in their street had already evacuated. We stayed put, keeping an eye on the wind direction.
We watched as the flames passed us by and left us unscathed but it was a scary time. We had our bags packed ready to leave.
The fires, 3 nearby, passed by about 3 miles to the west and 4 or 5 miles to the east of our house.
Everything was brought under control during the night, people were allowed to return to their homes, if they were still there and I left home next morning on my next trip which so far has taken me to Oregon, reloaded in Washington and now empty in Calgary.