Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Going to very quickly bring you up to date as I am going to resurrect this blog for a couple of weeks.
I am still an owner operator at Penner International and still going well.

In August last year Sue and I became grandparents for the first time, Gary and Amber had a son, Carson, love him to bits.

Now the main reason for blogging again is all to do with what is happening tomorrow. We leave on a bike tour, a motorcycle that is. In fact this one to be more precise.

We also have a precise route we want to take, attractions we want to see and things to do along the way. Around 4200 miles and taking at least two weeks to do it in.
We have only had this bike for a few month after selling the older one we had. It's a 2006 Honda Gold Wing, 1800cc engine and all the extras. It comes fully loaded with heated grips and seats, audio system, sat nav, cruise control, abs......could go on and on.
Anyhow here is a pic of our intended route and I will update with pics and destinations as we go.