Saturday, 28 July 2007

28th July 2007

Eventually bought my car yesterday (above) and then bumped into "Bob The Dog", another Brit that works for BFS. He invited Mark and I to a barbeque at his house, Mark arrived in Canada the week after me.
So we went to the bbq and had a great night. Mal & Bev (my current landlords) have invited friends round tonight and asked me to stay, there will be a few BFS drivers and wives coming so should be a good night.
Signed more papers for the house today and everything is on schedule for 15th August posession.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

26th July 2007

Been to Brandon, Mb for a couple of days and went over the road training with Gilbert. We managed to get through 15 deliveries in 2 days in south Manitoba (Mb). Used the tractor and trailer above. A lot of the deliveries are just made at the side of the road like the one above in St. Claude opposite the big pipe. Off now till I start orientation on Monday. still need to buy a car.

Monday, 23 July 2007

23rd July 2007

There has been a change of plan and I will only be doing orientation next week. They are going to send me to Brandon for a couple of days shunting trailers back to Steinbach. Got allocated my truck today (above), put all my bedding in and bought a cb ready to hit the road now.

Friday, 20 July 2007

20th July 2007

Things didn't quite go my way on Thursday and I failed my class 1 driven test but I did pass the air brake so that was something less to worry about next time. Test dates were few and far between next one being 31st July. Went looking at more houses and have found one that we all like (above). Went into the yard Friday morning to see if we could get any test cancellations, we did, 2.00 in the afternoon at Portage La Prairie 2 hours away. So up to Portage with Jason, my trainer, and came back with my class 1 licence. I was so happy. Next week it's orientation.
Also met with Wes, my realtor, and put in a formal offer on the house. Just got to wait and see if its accepted and if so then its ours, as easy as that.
UPDATE: Put the offer in at 19.30 and we knew by 20.10 the house was ours subject to mortgage approval. Date of possession is 15th August.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

18th July 2007

Thought it was about time I updated this while I have a little time. My head is going round in circles and my feet still haven't touched the floor since I arrived last week. Training ready for my Class 1 test, house hunting, seeing realtor's, mortgage advisers, banks, I don't know whether I am coming or going. Plenty of houses on the market but it's finding one that is suitable. The one in the pic is one I seen on Tuesday but the basement isn't completely finished so still needs working on.
Sale of our house in England was completed on Tuesday and money in the bank, now I can buy a car and house hunt in earnest. They reckon when I find a house you can move in within 3 or 4 weeks.
What I wasn't prepared for was how much I would miss Sue and the boys. It was a big decision to leave all our families and I miss them all but I have only been gone 1 1/2 weeks and finding it tough without them. The sooner I find somewhere for us to live the sooner I can get them over with me. Gary has been a star and helped his mum with everything, even taking time off work to do it. They are now staying at Sue's dads in a 2 bedroom flat with the dog.
Driving test tomorrow and I think I am about ready so, here goes!!!!

Friday, 13 July 2007

13 July 2007

Wow, what a hectic week. Just about getting over the jet lag now. Arrived on Monday night about 1 1/2 hours late. Eric was waiting for me once I had been through immigration and got my work permit. By Thursday I had already passed my air brake and class 1 written tests and started practical training. The air brake practical is a bit confusing to start with but is making a bit more sense now.
Renting a room in the basement of a british couples house till I can find somewhere to buy. Also had to hire a car for a week. House sale should be completed by next week.
The truck in the pic is the one I am currently using for training.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

8th July 2007

Last night was a family "BBQ" to say goodbye and wish us well. BBQ never even made it out of the shed because of the rain the last few days. The Chinese meal that got delivered was just as good. Relatives even came over from York (thanks Auntie Liz & Uncle Rob, sorry you weren't there Caz but we understand.), they will love me for that. Had a great time but also one of the saddest I have ever had to go through. There were PowerPoint slide shows, poems that took 3 people to read in floods of tears (not a good pic but can send you copy by email if you let me know), videos going back 11 years, specially compiled music cd's, champagne cake, banners, balloons, the whole works.


I am not going to say this again but none of you are getting invited to come and see us in Canada. Is that clear enough? You never needed an invite to see us before so why would you need one now. You tell us when you are coming and how long for, no invites.

7th July 2007

A couple of friends that I used to work with at P&O came over last night and we had a few jars in the local pub. Its not the ones in the photo but it was the only photo from P&O that I could find. Thanks for coming over it was great to see you.

Friday, 6 July 2007

6th July 2007

A very emotional night last night at my last meeting as WM of LOL66. An unexpected visit from a close friend with some moving speeches and then presented with my PM Jewel by the Most Worshipful Grand Master of England Bro. Bather. Hope you all have a great 12th July.
Went to the soilcitors and signed contracts for the house, aiming for completion on 18th July

5th July 2007

Got the final quotes back for the shipping of the dog to Canada, aaarrrggghhh, its costing more for him than it is for the tickets for the rest of the family.

4th July 2007

Almost sorted now, shipping company is collecting our wordly possessions on 18th July, not a lot to show for 44 years. Such a wasteful time, we have sold, given away and binned most of our stuff.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

30th June 2007

Got a good send off from some very special friends. Not going to start naming them all but they know who they are, thanks guys it wont be the last you see of me and every one of you are welcome to come and visit. No surrender. OZO