Sunday, 24 August 2008

24th August 2008

Sorry but it's more catfish pics. Went to "The Fishing Hole" Sunday afternoon, basically a fishing supermarket, and bought a new rod and reel for catfishing. We got home about 3.20 and by 4.00 we were on our way back to Lockport to try out my new tackle.
The action wasn't as hectic as Friday but we did catch 2, pictured above.
Sue and I were at Bryn and Majka's bbq last night, great to catch up with everyone again but I don't know what we will do this year when winter arrives, bbq in the garage I suppose.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

23rd August 2008

These Red River Catfish certainly know how to fight and put a bend in your rod. The weather was awful to start the day but it brightened up in the afternoon and we had a superb days fishing on the river.

Well those weren't the only ones we caught but it was the way Gary started his day. At the end of the day we had caught around 18-20 fish and Gary did catch the 2 biggest of the day, a 35" catfish and a 36"

Gary, above, with his 36" catch.

Although they are not related you can see the resemblance.

Which one is the ugliest?

Friday, 22 August 2008

22nd August 2008

Really started to warm up this week. It was so nice that I got all my work done by Thursday and I am off now till Monday. Time for some more fishing!!!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

17th August 2008

We didn't go to Folklorama last weekend. The weather was so nice we went fishing at Lockport instead. Lost a bit of tackle but didn't catch any of the elusive catfish.
We also went to buy ourselves something and look what we ended up with.

Yes, the boat is ours. We had been looking at quads, campers and boats for a while and eventually decided on a boat.

This weekend we went to Falcon Lake camping and generally messing about on the water and this time Jason did manage to catch a couple of fish but we had left the camera ashore.

Our friendly neighbours were more interested in feeding than worrying about us.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

9th August 2008

Craig spent 3 days with me this week while he was off work and Jacey was staying at her grandmas. It was nice to have some company again, when he wasn't sleeping or playing with the farmers dog.
Gary has now got himself a new job and starts on Monday. He will be working in construction, building houses. He was looking to get back onto site work and then got 3 job offers in 3 days.
Sue is enjoying her new job and has already got 20-30 hours a fortnight.
We are going to "Folklorama" in Winnipeg this weekend. This is a huge cultural event with pavilions representing set up all over the city representing different countries and serving the food of that country with national dress, entertainment and the heritage.
I have remembered the camera this week so hopefully I can post some pictures when we get home.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

2nd August 2008

Yesterday was "Pioneer Day" in Steinbach. Steinbach's major festival is Pioneer Days held during the August long weekend and celebrates the lifestyle of early Steinbach residents. The Parade kicks off the four day event. Sue and the girls above were walking in the parade with "The Steinbach immigrant settlement programme" (sisp) float.