Tuesday, 27 September 2011

"Does anyone know if this thing bites?"

"mmm it tastes ok"

"I can't eat it all, I will hide some for later."

1564 miles, 3 days.

Sunset on I94, Minnesota.

Still struggling to keep it in a straight line on clear, dry, empty roads.

Hope they haven't lost Grandma!!!
Having a few days at home now after a very quick trip. Won't be leaving again till Friday.

Friday, 23 September 2011

3361 miles, 9 days.
This was a very slow trip taking almost 3 days longer complete than a trip like this normally would. As mentioned in the previous post Pa has suffered some terrible flooding recently and as a result of this a lot of the railroads are closed and under repair. This in turn means an unusually high number of deliveries by road.
Penners had 8 or 9 trucks (?) making deliveries to the same place which meant us all looking for reloads from the same area. What made it worse was we were all delivering Friday afternoon/evening.
A couple of trucks were sent back to Toronto empty and a few of us had to wait till Monday to pick up in Hazleton, Pa and take that load to Brampton, On.
I arrived in Brampton Monday afternoon, reloaded Monday evening and was home empty Thursday morning after making my delivery in Winnipeg.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Due to the recent flooding in Pennsylvania the federal government has declared it a national disaster area. The previously empty warehouse next to my pick up in Hazleton is currently one of the places being used by The Red Cross to co-ordinate the relief. The top picture shows some Red Cross vans going in to load and the bottom shows some of the huge numbers of volunteers camping on site.
A common sight any where in the world.

But only in good old USA lol

No I haven't used it but there is truck parking there too.

Is that what I think it is?

but it's only 13th September.

If you look closely at his rear axles you will spot the smoke from his brakes.

All modern facilities here.
I remembered my camera this time so have added a few pics from this trip. I am currently sitting in Hazleton, Pa and can't pick up my trailer till tomorrow morning so just borrowing some wifi from someone!!!

Monday, 12 September 2011

2915 miles, 6 days.
This trip was back to normal with nothing unusual happening. I even forgot my camera so no pictures to put up here this time.

Monday, 5 September 2011

A good day on the boat today. Not too many fish caught but still was worth the journey. 5 fish, lots of weed and a large stick was the total for the day.

3762 miles, 7 days.

Hwy 17 road closure.

Close to Toronto Airport

This has to go down as one of the hardest trips I have had for a long time. Nothing went right from the very beginning. I soon found out a nice steady drive to Gloversville, NY after loading in Portage La Prairie was going to be a hard run as the load was clearing customs at Buffalo. That meant a 2 day drive across Northern Ontario, a road I know extremely well and travel regularly but the same amount of miles takes at least half a day longer. Add on top of that 2 separate road closures due to crashes and now I am pushed for time.
The load got delivered at the planned time and it all turned out ok, my reload was only that afternoon from Hazleton, Pa going back to Brampton, On.
I really feared that my return to Steinbach was going to be via Hwy 17 again but due the the holiday weekend loads were scarce and they sent me empty to Chicago to pick a load and return to Steinbach.
Apart from the fierce thunderstorms the return was fairly uneventful.
Two nights at home then leaving Tuesday to load in Dryden and deliver somewhere in Wisconsin.