Thursday, 30 July 2009

Been very busy at work the last couple of weeks. Started this trip with a delivery in Edmonton, done a bit running to Saskatoon back to Calgary, Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon, Wakaw, Saskatoon and finally back to Steinbach. Another nice 3900 miles with 7 collections/deliveries.
Met Gid (Wolfman) in The Flying J at Calgary on Friday too. Nice to meet you mate. Unfortunately I had just missed Lyndon he had been there too, it would have been nice to meet him there are a few things we still need to chat about.

It has been manic the last couple of weeks trying to fit everything in, get settled in the new house and still get out and do things when I am home.
Will try and quickly bring you up to date. Went to the Manitoba Stampede again this year. Had some great weather for the whole weekend so got the boat out and went fishing on Red River with Jason & Jenn. The fishing was very quiet so went for a cruise downstream from Lockport to Selkirk. Got too much sun and suffered for a couple of days after.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

I would like to thank this motel for the use of their internet connection while I have been sitting waiting today it has been much appreciated. This very large chain of Motels rarely have a secure network and are usually conveniently situated often with truck parking too although this time I am parked in a Husky with the motel at the back of the parking lot.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

I made it home Friday and we went to the rodeo in Selkirk on Saturday. We went to see a singer that I know and have come to like his music, Mike Blair.
I made myself available to leave again on Sunday not really believing that they would have a load for me at such short notice but it backfired on me and I got a load to deliver Edmonton, Ab Tuesday 5.00am.
After that was delivered I picked up a loaded trailer and dropped that in Calgary, which is where I am now.
We still have not got internet at home and not too happy with the service we have received from xplornet. If it is not connected by the end of this week we will look elsewhere.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

What a trip this is turning out to be. I have already covered 13 states/provinces. I got delivered early Sunday and thought I would try my luck at getting loaded early at the shippers. My luck was in and by 12.00 I was heading back to Canada. I would now be 36 hours early for delivery so a message to dispatch had me doing a trailer swap Tuesday evening in Brampton, On and on my way with 2 deliveries. 1st in Thunder Bay, On and 2nd in Brandon, Mb.

Getting very short on hours but if all goes well I should be able to make it home Friday afternoon having covered 4500 miles since leaving Thursday evening.
British Truckers Wanting to Emigrate To Canada BEWARE!!!
For any truck driver planning on emigrating to Canada then please take note, H&R (Hit & Run as they are commonly referred to) are actively recruiting yet again in the UK.
Do your research very, very carefully, check out the BTA forum here or look at what ex drivers have to say here, be sure to read all the comments on that blog and if you check out the forum all the abuse is coming from their recruiter!!!! Even check out the comment on my blog left on the previous posting. I cannot confirm or deny the statement left by the poster but it shows the emotions stirred up when Hit & Run are mentioned.
They will not discuss driver turnover or retention and not even discuss how much the fleet has increased by to accommodate the new recruits, which incidentally are being recruited on 2nd generation wage agreements, see here for new wage agreement
Think twice, Canada is a superb place to live but that is not the way to get here.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Made it to Dallas by 2.30 Saturday afternoon, time for some R&R in temperatures of 44c phew!! It is so hot the air con only blows warm air.
Delivery is only 29km away and can be made any time tomorrow. I have my reload which is only 49km away from my delivery but can't be loaded till 8.00pm tomorrow so nice lazy day tomorrow.
This is good miles on this trip, my reload is going to Brampton, Ontario for delivery Thursday morning. Even if they load me straight back to Steinbach from Brampton I will have covered about 4177 miles in 9 1/2 days + all the loads and unloads.

Friday, 3 July 2009

I am back at work now and on my way to Texas following our move to the new house. The move went really well and we want to thank a couple of friends for the help they gave us. Thanks must go to Majka, Lowri, Neal, Jacey, Jason & Jenn and of course to Sue, Gary & Craig. It would have taken us much longer without you all.
What a wonderful stress reliever the hot tub turned out to be after all the effort that was put in over a couple of days, very relaxing.
We still don't have internet at home but we are trying to get that installed asap.
We are absolutely delighted with the house and it is all we could have hoped for and more.
So back to the grindstone again. I have a delivery in Waxahachie, Tx on Sunday will try and keep you posted soon.