Friday, 29 June 2007

29th June 2007

Started packing in earnest now. House is a complete tip but we need to get a shipping list done ready for the shippers to collect. Need to speak to them next week to discuss a shipping date.
Finished work today, was quite a sad day as I actually enjoyed working there (sad I know). Was told that I could go back at any time.

28th June 2007

Started selling our furniture now, as you can see emptied my truck and brought everything home to find I was sitting on camping chairs. Ok but not for long.

27th June 2007

Sold sign was put up outside house today. The solicitor still reckons we can have the contracts signed next week before I leave. Just proves it can be done.

26th June 2007

Booked my flights today, flying from Manchester to Gatwick and Gatwick to Winnipeg. Spoke to Eric and the driver got his work permit without any trouble at Winnipeg airport.

25th June 2007

Handed in my resignation today and officially finish on Friday. That will give me one week at home to sort out as much as I can before leaving for Canada.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

23rd June 2007

Phoned Eric last night but there may be a last minute hitch to the plans. Work visas have normally been issued from London but that is now taking another 6-8 weeks. A visa can also be issued at the airport but as Big freight (will now be known as BFS) have never done it this way he wants me to delay booking the flights in case there are any problems. Another driver will be arriving Monday evening so I will phone Eric on Tuesday and if everything has gone ok book my flights for the 9th.
We had the surveyor out yesterday who said the buyers building society would have the report within the hour. Modern technology!!!!!

19th June 2007

Got a phone call from Eric at Big Freight today and he has received our successful application back from Manitoba immigration. He would like me to fly out on 9th July but I need to phone him Friday to discuss.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

17th June 2007

John & Vicky came back to view the house and are very interested. We discussed what could be included in the price and how soon we could vacate as they need to be in before 01/08/07. Suits us fine and fits in perfectly with our plans. They will let us know as soon as they have discussed it. Fingers crossed.
John called me at 16.45 and made an offer on the house, discussed it with Sue then called John back and negotiated.
They are really keen to get in asap.

16th June 2007

Had a couple round to view the house today but not sure if they were interested or not, difficult to tell.
Went to Burnly to meet Mark & Sue (Wire) who are also going to Canada to work for Big Freight. Had a great time and have so much in common. Mark and I are planning on going to Canada to start work at the same time.
Got home to find a message from the estate agent, they are interested in buying the house but want a second viewing. There was also a note through the door from John & Vicky (the potential buyers) with contact numbers. Called them at 22.00 and arranged for them to come back at 09.00 17/06/07

Thursday, 7 June 2007

6th June 2007

Got email from Big Freight today to let us know that our PNP Application has been accepted. They are now looking at us arriving beginning of July but still need to sell the house (above).

Friday, 1 June 2007

1st June 2007

Another full weekend off from work. Sent a few enquiries away to companies who buy your house from you. Hope to hear more from them next week.

28th May 2007

Got an email from Christine today to say that they were almost 100% sure that all PNP applications to immigration had been successful and that we should hear something in the next week or two.

House still isn't sold and as my sister is still having problems selling hers (was interested in buying ours) we have decided to drop the price for quick sale. Hope we have more luck.