Saturday, 26 September 2009

Another great trip this week, went to Sterling, Ma unloaded and ran empty to Brampton, On.
I got to Brampton at 11.30pm on Tuesday but couldn't pick up my loaded trailer until 06.00am Thursday morning so got 1 day layover. From there it was straight back to Steinbach, got home Friday night 8.00 pm.
Hope to leave again Sunday as I need to be home Monday 5th and flights to Liverpool are booked for the 6th. See you soon!!!
I also had some great news about money from Big Freight Systems, see column on right.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Trying to catch up with the blog, been really busy last few days. Got back home on Thursday after going to Iowa, switching for Brampton, Ontario and then bringing the pre-loaded Yanke trailer back to Steinbach. The highway was closed for about 8 hours because of the wreck in the photos but it actually only held me up for about 30 minutes as I caught the tail end of the queue.
Gary bought some skeets and we done some clay pigeon shooting, great when you can do it in your own garden!!
I am already on my next trip, I left first thing this morning and I deliver in Sterling, Massachusetts on Tuesday morning and still have a couple of full days to do just to get there

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Got some more firewood cut today and tomorrow I will be back on the road again. Heading to Spirit Lake, Ia this time.

Friday, 11 September 2009

I seen the British registered BMW R 1150 GS near Canmore, Ab and yes it had longway round stickers and sponsorship all over it. I would love to have got the chance to talk to the guy but he was going too slow and I had 2 collections to do that day and then 4 drops on the way back home.
I brought the truck home to give it a clean inside, well for Sue to give it a clean inside while I tidied and cleaned out the side lockers.

Friday, 4 September 2009

On my way home once again after a nice little 3870 mile trip in a week. I left on Saturday with 3 drops, Greenwood, In, Tallmadge, Oh and Lebanon Pa. Those were all done by Tuesday morning. I called my last delivery to let him know when I would be there and he offered to come and unload me Monday night but as I didn't have my reload it wasn't worth it so he asked if I would like coffee in the morning. Next morning he arrived with coffee, opened the doors and was about to start unloading and I told him I still didn't have my reload so not to rush. He asked if I would like breakfast then locked the warehouse up, took me in his pick up to a restaurant where we had breakfast then went back and unloaded by which time I had my reload. I was sent to Hazleton to switch trailers for Brampton, On. Got to Brampton Tuesday night and next morning picked up an empty to take to Napanee, On to switch and then back down into Dekalb Il where I swapped once again to take a loaded back to Steinbach. I am in Fargo, ND tonight on the last leg of this trip and hope to leave home again on Monday.
Got a chance to speak to Mike Nash this week and had a good chat about the farcical goings on at H&R, see Mikes blog, Peoples lives are being ruined by this company and there is even more that I really would love to tell you but it is confidential.
Oh by the way Mike, these ip address trackers are very good, Lyndon keeps flicking between your blog and mine lol, he used yours and then the link to get to mine, quite a number of hits from Lethbridge too, haha