Saturday, 28 February 2009

Went to The Mid-Canada Boat Show at The Winnipeg Convention Centre today with Jason & Jenn,, where we were able to look at all the latest boats and jet skis.
We priced up a couple of luxury models but couldn't decide which one would really suit us so we didn't purchase one this weekend, maybe another time (yeah right).
We didn't actually go to buy but just to look, nothing wrong with dreaming is there? All joking aside we had a great day starting with breakfast in the city, the boat show and then went to Pony Corral,, for supper on the way home.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Had some of the worst weather this week that I have had to drive in this winter. Snow, blowing snow, ice and then finally back to -34c in Manitoba this morning. All the salt and grit on the roads in Ontario made for a really dirty truck and trailer.
I made a real early start this morning and was home in the house just before 9.30am which now gives me a nice 3 days off and it's Sue's weekend off too.
The whole trip took just over 11 days with two days layover and 5300 miles covered.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Michael and I both unloaded Monday morning and then ran to Georgetown, Ontario to wash out. Then it was over to the truckstop at Milton for some food and wait for the reload. We got the food but I did not get my reload till Tuesdsay afternoon and Michael is still waiting.
I also got the chance to meet Phil, another blogger and brit that drives across North America, nice to meet you Phil,
My reload is from Shell Chemicals in Sarnia where we just spent two nights this week already but to give me all my driving hours on Wednesday I decided to travel here tonight and be ready to load first thing in the morning.
If the loading goes ok I should get back home Friday and take the weekend off.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

This trip has been a little different than others. After washing out on Tuesday I got a call from despatch asking if I would mind waiting a while, a new driver was also going to Washington to load and deliver at the same place. We have now been following each other since Tuesday afternoon.
The scenery is also spectacular, we have been in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Washington, Montanna, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indianna, Michigan and finally Ontario. Even if I wash out and reload on Monday back to Winnipeg I still have around 1500 miles to go making this month the best so far.

Haven't been able to post all week as I have been extremely busy and only once did I find a wireless connection but it was so slow I couldn't do anything.
I left on Monday headed for Calgary. It was a holiday in a few provinces on Monday and I really hate the holiday traffic seen in the top two pics. Once tipped and cleaned out in Calgary on Tuesday I had to run empty to Central Ferry, Washington to pick up a load and tip in Alvinston, Ontario on Monday, by the time I deliver this on Monday I will have covered more than 3600 miles in 1 week, with today off.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

The top two pictures are crossing the Mississippi River, the top one looking towards Memphis, Tennessee and the second one coming back into West Memphis, Arkansas. The bottom one is of an ice sculpture as you come into Winnipeg.
Got back home on Friday morning from this little jaunt and will be leaving on Monday for a delivery in Calgary Tuesday morning.
Got a fairly busy weekend planned, it's Sues weekend off too. We are having lunch with Jason and Jenn, they are just back from Mexico, then going out this evening with Craig and Jacey.
Maybe Sunday will be a little quieter.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Nice to get away from the snow and ice for a while and with the teperature shown above even the air con was switched on.
I would like to thank Ali, Mark, Emma & Scott for a lovely breakfast on Monday morning (haha).
Sitting in West Memphis, Arkansas tonight and washing tank out tomorrow, no rush getting paid layover for tomorrow as I can't load till Wednesday.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

I left this afternoon with a loaded tank going to Roanoke, IL and it looks like I am pre planned to run empty to Memphis, Tn to wash out reload and back to Winnipeg.
A nice little run taking me to somwhere I haven't been before.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

This is very sad, I know but remember I am living and working in a country where you even have to buy your own boots, overalls and gloves. Since joining Jade at the beginning of December I haven't had to buy a thing and yesterday I was handed a binder complete with notepad and pen to keep all my paperwork and log sheets in, very unusual for a Canadian trucking company.
Got to Hancock, Mn this morning, made my delivery and after a couple of phone calls it was decided to bring me home empty, so back home for a couple of nights.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The temperatures were very mild at the weekend, above freezing for all of my journey and warm enough to clear the snow in some areas. All went according to plan with no breakdowns or delays and I got back to the yard about 4.00 this afternoon.
Going back out again tomorrow but with a tank this time, doing a load of tallow to Hancock, Minnesota.