Sunday, 28 September 2008

28th September 2008

Had a beautiful weekend in the cabin at Moose Lake. A bit of boating, a bit of fishing even caught enough for lunch for us all on Saturday. The weather was cold but dry and the sunrise was fantastic.

Friday, 26 September 2008


Craig passed his driving test Wednesday on the first attempt and with only 5 points deducted for a wrong signal. Looks like I have lost my car again, I haven't driven it since he passed.

Jason and I had booked today off work to go and do a little chicken hunting then we all leave for Moose Lake as soon as Gary gets home from work. This weekend could be the last chance we have to get the boats in the water as fall sets in and winter approaches.

Friday, 19 September 2008

20th September 2008

Another good evening fishing and Sue caught her first catfish, a 35". It turned very cold and a little rough out on the water so we didn't stay too long and went for a burger and a hot drink.
Tomorrow I am taking my "Hunters Safety Course" and "Possession & Acquisition" license. That will allow me to hunt, buy and own non restricted firearms.
Hunting is a huge sport and almost a way of life here in Canada. Will let you know how I get on.

19th September 2008

I spent the full week at work this week with Jason, look what it done to me!!! Only joking Jason. We both had exactly the same work all week and we both got it completed by Thursday night, another long weekend for us.
We have another fishing trip planned for tonight on Red River but I think it will be a relaxing weekend the next couple of days.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

13th September 2008

I have now completed my 4 month probationary period at Hytek and now have full benefits package and pension, it's a good pension I pay 4% and the company match it. I also got my voucher for $225 of Pork products, we get this twice a year. It's a little late for bbq season this year but the next one will be good timing.
This weeks fishing trip was an evening trip to Lockport for those Red River Catfish again. This was the first time Jenn had come catfishing and that both boats were out together on the river. While the rest of us were still setting up Jenn was into the first fish of the evening, look how happy she was.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

6th September 2008

Today will be one of those days you talk about and remember for a long, long time. Chris, Sally, Jason, Jenn, Gary and I (Sue and Craig were working) took the two boats to Caddy Lake in Whiteshell Provincial Park. The solitude and scenery was just breathtaking. I won't even try and describe it, this is something you see on tv programmes like "Grizzly Adams".
We went through 2 tunnels and travelled 4 lakes. We even caught our own lunch which was cooked in a trappers cabin (above) at the side of the lake. There is no other way to access this area except by foot or boat, and it would be a very long walk.
It did rain a few times and we got quite a soaking but it certainly didn't dampen our spirits.
Today really was an "AWESOME" day.

Monday, 1 September 2008

1st September 2008

Wow, what a busy few days!
Sue and I have been struggling with the 1 car since she started work and we knew it couldn't really go on much longer, I even had to get Suzie to pick me up from work one night because Sue was working. So we had to get another vehicle and that is Sue's car in the top pic, very nice it is too.
Saturday was the, soon to be, annual labour day bbq at "Bob The Dogs". Lots of old faces from Big Freight were there, well most of them ex BF actually. We had lots of great food and some clay pigeon shooting, baseball and quadding, great fun.
My boat had been in for service since last Friday and when I went to pick it up this Friday I discovered it hadn't even been looked at and the on top of that he was very rude with a bad attitude so don't take your boat to "Jakes Country Fix it".
Took the boat home with me on Friday and tinkered with it a little bit over the weekend and as it was a long weekend with Monday being a holiday I decided to take Gary and Sue to the lake for some fishing and boating. The fishing was great, catching Pike and Walleye, and the boat ran like a dream.