Tuesday, 6 December 2011

5113 miles, 10 days
Free ride

Hunting with Gary and Craig

My ride for 1 trip

No need to move house, take it with you.

In Laredo, Tx with Chris Arborn

Too much snow in 1 night.
Once again I have fallen behind with this blog so I have left a couple of trips out and brought you right up to date.
I am home for a few days and have our Christmas party on Thursday, once again Andy and Donna are taking us to Winnipeg for the evening for food and entertainment at "Celebrations".
I only managed to get hunting for 1 day this year and didn't have much luck, well didn't have any luck.
Work is still good and I had to do a short trip in Andy's truck while I had a new radiator fitted in mine.
My last trip took me out of the frozen north down to Laredo, Tx on the Mexican border. I arrived there on Sunday afternoon and soon discovered on Monday that I was unable to deliver until 9.00am Tuesday.
There was a few of us down there with loads from the same place, one of which was fellow Brit, blogger and author Chris Arborn so lots of coffee consumed that day.
One advantage of not being able to deliver until Tuesday was I had now reset my hours and was ready to go anywhere again.
As it happened I got a load out of La Porte, Tx going to Calgary, Ab. as I couldn't load until Wednesday morning there was no rush but that would only get me to Calgary for Saturday with the delivery on Monday.
The advantage we have at Penners is having multiple terminals and I was instructed to just switch trailers on arrival in Calgary and take the other load on to Winnipeg.
So all in all a very nice 5113 miles in 10 days which includes the waiting time in Laredo.


Tony T said...

Hiya Dave,

Ur cab looks like it has got a wee bit more room to shuffle around in than my Scania has/had ?


Dave Caldwell said...

Must be plenty of room in it if there is enough room for me and all my gear lol